Sunday, 17 October 2010

Where to meet exhibitionist girls online

We sometimes get asked where you can meet exhibitionist girls online.

There is no easy way, and it takes perseverance (and quite a bit of charm) to befriend a true exhibitionist online, who will not charge you for her company.
However, the internet is very good at generating small communities around niche interests, and there are a few sites where you are far more likely to encounter girls who like to share the beauty of their body with others.

To begin with, you should probably check out our Best webcam chatrooms on the net page, which will suggest a few chatrooms where girls with few inhibitions hang around.

The best of these, if you want a ratio of girls to guys that is not completely skewed are probably these free cam 2 cam chatrooms
You could also try the forums at, where a lot of exhibitionist girls like to answer their viewers' comments, and where you might befriend one of them (but you will have some serious competition). is also an exhibitionist forum, though the majority of posters are men.
And finally, you could try messaging the girls who post their webcam dances on youtube, as they often seem to have very few inhibitions.


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