Sunday, 1 August 2010

how to record yahoo cam

You've been having fun on video chat, and you wonder how to record the incoming yahoo messenger webcam?

There are several ways to record a cam, and these would most commonly involve using screen recording software. The problem with these are that free recorders are rare, and they do not capture sound, so you might have to pay for a decent recorder.

Furthermore, screen recorders do not capture the cam stream directly ; rather they record your screen, and this causes the webcam stream to be laggy and jerky.

Despair not however: if you want to record the yahoo messager webcam directly, with sound, and avoid all the fiddlishness of a screen recorder, you can do so with oRipa Yahoo Webcam Recorder , an excellent piece of software which gives you higher definition, less jerkiness, no loss of quality, and easier sound capture.


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