Friday, 6 August 2010

How to record webcams

Have you ever wanted to record a webcam conversation, or wondered if it was possible for someone else to record you web cam while you chat with them?
Well... here's some help!

There are basically two main ways to record a webcam.

Screen recorders
The first one is to use screen recorder software. A screen recorder captures everything that is on your computer screen, together with sound.
It is often used to make -for example- video presentations, but it can equally record a webcam, and associated sound.
The main problem with screen recorders however, is that they do not capture the video stream directly, but rather copy the pixels on your screen. Consequently, unless your computer has a good frame rate, screen recorders can produce slightly jerky and laggy results. They are the only way to record sites such as chatroulette and most others however, unless you want to record MSN or Yahoo messengers (see below).
The best screen recorders we would recommend are:
- 321Soft Screen Video Recorder : An alternative to professional packages. Its versatility and ease of use make it a very good choice.
- liteCam : A package with a host of features at a very small price: if you can see it, liteCam will capture it.

MSN or yahoo recorders

If you're using MSN or yahoo, and want to record the webcam of the person you're talking to, there are better alternative than screen recorders.
These two programs capture the stream directly, which makes for much better results, higher definition, and higher sound quality:
- oRipa Yahoo webcam recorder
- MSN Recorder Max

Free screen recorders:
If you do not want to pay for a screen recorder, there are freeware alternatives, though they have neither the functionality, or the quality, of the above packages.
The best one is probably AutoScreenRecorder 2.0 , which let's you capture any area or window on your screen, though it is a little jerky. It's main drawback however is that it does not record sound.
If you want to capture sound, you will have to use a separate piece of software such as MP3myMP3 Recorder , the use a video editing suite, such as the free windows movie maker, to try and splice the sound and footage together.
This is very fiddlish and time consuming however.


  1. thank you ,,but not thatwhat i mean..i meant if some one not allow you to view his cam in msn or yahoo u can see his cam with out his permition ? plz i need help ...

  2. I'm afraid you can't do that in technic because you can't remote other's webcam. The only thing that you can do is to ask if he/she to open his/her cam and record it with screen recorder.

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  4. Rtmpdump with rtmpsuck will dump the actual flv from the stream itself. You won't grab the chat text like with screen recorders, but you also won't have any watermarks, like the site's name or logo pasted into the image. And since it grabs the actual video/audio stream, you don't have to mess with frame rates, codecs, or bitrates, like you do with a screen recorder. I run it in ubuntu (linux). And if you're running linux, there's also screen recorders available for free.

  5. ZDSoft Screen Rec is perfect 4 me! Easy to use! Audio Rec from Line! Files r few MB per min!

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